Friday, September 10

Beautiful Day.

Today is a [coffee-drinking-laundry-doing-over-whelming] beautiful day.
I have a headache. No, my head feels like a jackhammer is living inside of it.
My husband is at work on his day off, and I have lots to do.

On the other hand..I will choose to be thankful, open up my windows, [take an Advil, or two]
and let the sunshine peer through my house.
I will praise God for His redeeming grace, and even though this brain is throbbing, I will praise Him for a brain that works.
I will love deeply, smile at the little things, and thank God for what He has given me. I will praise Him for giving me a man that works so hard for his family, and even though its a job he hates..It is a job.

You see,
that's the kind of day I will have.

On a different note, I got to watch one of the cutest girls around..
See for yourself.

Happy Friday everyone..enjoy your weekend!
We will always see the negative in our lives..BUT can you stop and see all the positive as well?

Count your blessings, we serve an awesome God.
I'm sure He has big things in store for you!


Amie said...

Big blue eyes--one more thing to thank God for!

Patti said...

Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings! So often I find myself seeing the glass half empty instead of half full. This is why I miss you so much. You inspire me to be a better woman and a better Christian. Love you!

Charlyn said...

A good reminder for all of us!!! I can dwell on how bad I miss my grandbaby or be thankful for the visits we get!! :)