Thursday, September 20

oh sweetness.

little baby.
Yesterday I heard your heartbeat for the first time.
It was truly the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I know I have an entire lifetime to fall in love with you, but I don't know how I could love you any more.
Both your grandmas came with, and they were so happy.
Grandma took a video so I have been listening to your beating heart all day.
I am still in awe, of the miracle that you are. I have been so sick, and have felt so selfish...but you are worth everyday of this terrible sickness.
We serve an awesome Creator, and I can't wait to tell you about the God that knit you together in my womb.

We will have more hard days, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Tuesday, September 18

12 weeks.

Crazy how fast and how slow this all feels. Can't believe I have hit the 12 week mark. Just a few more weeks and we will be in our 2nd trimester??!!!?!?! Seems crazy.

So far this week hasn't had many changes. I was feeling much better, had an incredible weekend with my friend who got married and barely had any sickness. Then I woke up today at 7am and haven't been out of the bathroom since. Nothing has been staying down most of the day and I feel like my entire apartment is on a boat. I'm doing a little better this afternoon but after having almost an entire week of feeling pretty good today has been rough.

So thankful for my husband who brought me home popsicles, oranges, frosted cherrios and granola bars. (my favorite sick foods) Then started with house chores right away. I don't know what I would do without him.
Anyways, here we go.. pregnancy update week 12!

Today is: September 18, 2012

How far along: 12 weeks

Total weight gain: Not exactly sure.. we don't own a scale..which I will have to change shortly so I can keep better tract!

Baby is the size of: A plum, about 2" and half an ounce.

What's going on with the babe: Baby's intestines are starting to move into the abdominal cavity, and kidneys will begin excreting urine into the bladder. Eyes have moved from the sides to the front of the head now, and ears are where they should be. Everything is in place, and baby's face is looking unquestionably human. Reflexes are now forming, and if I were to poke my abdomen, the baby would react. Fingers and toes are opening and closing as well. So much fun happening this week. Grow baby, grow!

What's going on with the mama: They say hormones are toning down some, which means first trimester symptoms should begin subsiding but after today I'm not so sure!

Baby is a: Boy or Girl... little ways to go yet!

Maternity clothing: Some. Mostly just on any type of pants. Most shirts fit okay but my jeans are not very comfortable.

Sleep: This week sleep has been good. I was able to get an adjustment from my chiropractor and that made the world of difference. Haven't had any headaches this week and my hips felt great. Still getting up a few times but overall it has been better.

Movement: It's happening, but I've yet to feel it. I don't have any clue what I'm look for so I'm not sure when I'll even know!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing major. The usual craving is still anything carb related. Subway is usually my number 1 choice but I have craved cucumbers a lot as well. Oh, and watermelon..but I don't think that craving has anything to do with pregnancy! So far nothing major and it changes daily based on how I feel. At this point most sweets turn me off. Once and awhile I want vanilla ice cream at night but anything super sweet doesn't even sound good. I guess thats a good thing though!

- Still a little fatigued at times.
- Nausea is different I will have a few good days, then like today..I get hit really hard. Overall though I keep saying, I will take puking 3-4 times in the morning over puking 3-4 times all day any day. And, if I get 3 or 4 good days for every 1 bad day thats okay too. Anything is better then that horrible 24 hour stuff!
- Metallic taste I'm still not noticing a lot. Once and awhile I can taste it but usually if I just brush my teeth it goes away!
- Sciatica. I had noticed just a little bit but not anymore thanks to my lovely Dr. Conn!

I'm looking forward to:
-Another OB appointment tomorrow to see if little stubborn in there will let us hear his or her heartbeat!

Tuesday, September 11

11 weeks.

I woke up today feeling very thankful.
Humbled that I am home safe and sound with my sweet baby growing strong and so grateful for the men and women that are making it possible. I also found it a little ironic that today marks 11 weeks on Sept 11 2012.
I still remember exactly what I was doing 11 years ago, and I don't think I'll ever forget.

Today is: Sept 11 2012

How far along:
11 weeks
Total weight gain:  I am a little unsure. With all the puking I believe I dropped again. 
Baby is the size of:  About the size of a fig, over 1 inch now!

What's going on with the babe: 
Besides still making momma really sick, baby is almost completely formed. Her sweet hands can almost open and close into fists and some of her bones are starting to harden.

What's going on with the mama:
Still exhausted, still sick most days, but thankfully no new pregnancy symptoms have appeared.
Baby is a: Boy or a girl. About 9 more weeks till we know!
Maternity clothing: Only a few. Most shirts fit me ok, but my jeans are pretty uncomfortable. I love leggings and the one pair of maternity jeans I have!
Sleep: Is still just okay. This week has been better, only getting up once a night to pee.
Movement: It's happening, but it's too soon to feel it, yet.

Not really. It just depends on how my tummy feels. Meat is still one of my least favorite items and any type of bread is usually what I crave. 

The best moment(s) of this past week:

Having a few good days and actually being able to cook dinner without gagging!

Our first OB appointment was last week and though it was nice to meet everyone and get it out of the way, we were unable to hear the heartbeat and most of the appointment was a little overwhelming for me. My midwife explained we have nothing to worry about as she said I my uterus is tilted backwards and that can make it hard to hear the heartbeat. She said everything else looks really good but just to double check I see her next week at 12 weeks to try again. If we don't hear it at that point she would like to schedule an ultrasound just to make sure everything is peachy!
We were sent home with so MUCH information and I have been to many of my friends OB appointments so it was weird, but fun to be the Momma this time!
It's been nice being at home, it gives me time to rest and sleep when I get hit really hard with the sickness and it gives me more time to really get excited. I've been thinking about baby a lot these last couple of days and we have a long ways to go but I'm already excited to see his or her face!

Hoping this is an even better week than last and I feel better everyday. Till then we keep the zofran and bed close and keep on praying!

Thursday, September 6


Today has been a good day. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the medication but either way I am thankful. I cooked hamburger meat tonight..for the first time in almost 8 weeks I was able to stand over the stove and cook dinner. And the best part??? I didn't gag or have to run to the bathroom once.

I am having a baby....and in my constant sickness, and my battle to feel truly excited I desperately want my sweet child to know that even now, I love this baby so deeply, so completely, and I already can't imagine my life without him or her. 
No can prepare for you this, every day I am learning that I need God's grace more than ever. I need Christ to pour into me and I want to be filled with His spirit.
The funny part is, I know this is ONLY the beginning. Our lives have just started the change, and we are in for a real treat. 

I blog so I can look back and remember, and someday years from now I want to remember that this might be hard..but I am just so thankful.
Glory to God, forever.

Tuesday, September 4

10 weeks and counting...

Today marks 10 weeks, and we are praying everyday that we are getting one day closer to feeling better. Today was another rough one, but it was also my first day staying home. Last week was my last week at work and though it was very bittersweet, I was just so thankful to sit around when I felt the constant urge to run to the bathroom. Baby is growing, and I can't believe all that starts happening. He or she can now bend and kick his legs, he can swallow fluids and though I can feel it yet, baby is supposedly moving around like crazy.

Tomorrow is our first appointment and I am so excited. Hoping to hear the heartbeat and it will be so nice to chat with my doctor and ease some of my anxiety!

Overall not a lot to update.. still sick everyday, still so thankful for this little peanut and still growing in size everyday.
I sure do love this tiny little person.