Thursday, September 6


Today has been a good day. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the medication but either way I am thankful. I cooked hamburger meat tonight..for the first time in almost 8 weeks I was able to stand over the stove and cook dinner. And the best part??? I didn't gag or have to run to the bathroom once.

I am having a baby....and in my constant sickness, and my battle to feel truly excited I desperately want my sweet child to know that even now, I love this baby so deeply, so completely, and I already can't imagine my life without him or her. 
No can prepare for you this, every day I am learning that I need God's grace more than ever. I need Christ to pour into me and I want to be filled with His spirit.
The funny part is, I know this is ONLY the beginning. Our lives have just started the change, and we are in for a real treat. 

I blog so I can look back and remember, and someday years from now I want to remember that this might be hard..but I am just so thankful.
Glory to God, forever.

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Anonymous said...

Two thumbs way, way up for dinner without gagging! :)