Wednesday, July 31

3 years.

What a year it has been. This time last year we were finding out about baby boy. I can't believe it's been a whole year. 
I am so thankful for this man. Through countless hours with my head over the toilet, recovering from childbirth, to recovering from surgery my husband has been my best friend. He has supported me through one of the most physically challenging years of my life and honestly hasn't complained once. He did the dishes, made dinners, washed laundry and scrubbed the floors when I was unable.
 He has loved me unconditionally through some of my most disgusting moments and never hesitated in telling me how beautiful I am. 
One of my favorite things about Kevin is his quiet but steady nature. He is a man of few words but they aren't needed because his actions speak so much louder. He makes me laugh on a daily basis and is continually surprising me with his witty personality. 
Kevin is not perfect, and we all know neither am I but I can't imagine doing this life with any other. 
He is my treasure. 


Thursday, July 11

3 Months

My sweet boy

Here we are. Our baby boy will be 3 months old on Saturday and with a busy weekend ahead I figured I would get a jump start on his update. I'm pretty proud of myself for not being late... :) 

Each day he amazesus
Each day he makes us laugh
Each day I change more diapers then I can count
And each day I feel completely humbled that God choose me to care for this little man

  Things we want to remember from Month 3

Weight: Probably 12lbs..he was 11lb 15 oz at his 2 month appointment.
Height: Again, not sure but he was 24 inches at last appointment.

                  Tanner spent his first 4th of July with my family on his first vacation. 
We ate, played, and made lots of fun memories together. 

Right now Tanner hates all things that make him feel confined. His least favorite thing in this planet is his car seat. He pretty much screams from the moment his body touches the seat till we release him from his baby prison and get him out. It makes all traveling a bit stressful but we are working trying to not let it overwhelm us! This whole paragraph may seem a lite dramatic but trust me, when he is in his seat it's all drama. :)
This is a rare moment where he is not furious at me for putting him in there.

Tanner loves Kevin. He is always full of smiles and has lots to say when Daddy comes home.
 It's my favorite part of the day.

Tanner is full of personality and is as busy as a 3 month old can be. When he's awake he is always moving in some way..kicking those legs, moving his arms or spinning in circles on the floor. He gets bored so easily and enjoys people talking to him more than just about anything. This week he rolled over for the first time and it was so fun to watch.
 It's amazing how the simple things in life become the big things. 

 Tanner sleeps fairly well these days. He's not sleeping through the night but he goes to bed around 7 and then is up for the day around 6am with a few naps throughout the day. He usually gets up around 11 and 2 and lately 4...though some nights he cuts out the 11 or 4 feedings and only gets up once. 
We like those nights. :)

I love watching him sleep.

 I probably can't say anything I already haven't said.
Kevin and I love being parents.
This is the first month that we have had some hard days where I feel like a completely worn out momma and the minute K walks in the door I hand over the baby and hop in the shower for a few minutes of quiet. He really is such good baby, he just gets bored very quickly and has hit the " do not put me down" phase.

I guess I can't really be surprised that I had a baby who likes people.

He changes me everyday.
I am so thankful for this squishy, crazy, full of life baby.