Sunday, October 16


Hello friends.
Fall just wouldn't be the same without a blog about it. you see, fall is my favorite of all the seasons. I love absolutely everything about it. Boots, sweaters, scarves, more reasons to cuddle, hot tea and great books, the beautiful colors and that brisk cold air that lets you know winter is on the way.

My summer flew by. I mean really, I can't believe its already gone.

I know I've been majorly lacking in the picture department.
So, its about time!
Here's a quick update in picture form!

Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

In all my craziness I  was able to fit in a few fun photo shoots.

Spent time with my beautiful cousins.

Went to a few weddings and spent as much time as I could with this handsome man.

So maybe summer is over, maybe its time to bundle up, and wait for the frigid cold to take over our state but what a wonderful summer its been. I guess the great thing about life is, no matter what the temp. is outside, there is always time to make memories on the inside.

Tuesday, October 4


It seems as though I have forgotten about my blog.
You see, I haven't forgotten, i've just been busy working, and enjoying my life. I do my best to stay away from the computer, spending time with family and friends.

So, maybe now that winter is approaching and everyone gets trapped in the house, I'll sit with my tea..and write.