Wednesday, December 22

Wednesdays Full of Wisdom..Today.

Today was a long day. I did a lot of Christmas cooking and even though I somehow managed to ruin a lot of White friend and I did manage to make a lot of yummy treats for the holidays. It was long day, but a good day.

My last post stated that I was in a rut, so as I was thinking about posting Wednesdays full of Wisdom I wasn't sure what to even write. I'm not sure whats going on in my heart, and honestly...I'm not sure where God has me right now. I confessed to my husband tonight that I have been pretty emotional this week and I was sorry for that. There are a few things that have happened that could explain for a few of these up and down emotions but mostly its just me, being me...
I tend to worry, a lot. Its a shameful secret that is really no secret at all.
I was listening to Casting Crowns tonight and as one of my favorite songs started to play I knew what God was trying to tell me.
The song talks about not sleeping through the lessons God is trying to teach you because you might miss them.
As I sit here in this rut called life, maybe its because God has something new for me.
I haven't been happy with my photography, so its time to start pushing..but its also time to relax.
Do I hope to become an actual photographer some day...yes, its my dream.
But, I also love  taking pictures. So if every single shot isn't perfect, but it captures a moment I want to remember, than that picture is perfect.
This past weekend we had our first Christmas party with my Dad's family.
It was wonderful. It was the first big family gathering Kevin was at and I loved having my husbandthere to share it with me. It felt so normal having him there, how did I make it 20 years without him?
I took a few shots, they weren't perfect, but they were special.
I will remember that night, and I will be thankful for it.

So as we come close to Christmas, I want to remember that life isn't about being perfect, but just being the best I can. I want to celebrate my Jesus with no worries, and with no stress.
God does have plans for me and my life, and if I'm not sleeping my way through life, then maybe..just maybe I will be blessed enough to see His will unfold for my life.

Can you really imagine friends, imagine that night..Mary and Joseph sitting together, staring at this baby boy that would change everything for everyone forever. Can you imagine the Wise Men, what they must have thought? What were they feeling that night? Tears actually fill my eyes as I even begin to think of that night, the absolute beauty that was in that manger.

Lord, I want to bring an offering of Worship to you this Christmas season, please receive the honor that you are due.

The not so real meaning of Christmas, but a fun part of it.

 I sure love those faces.....

 She cracks me up.....

My husband might have had more fun with the toys then the "little" boys did.
I will admit I was so smitten to watch my man play with my cousins, it was so sweet.
[Someday, he is going to be an incredible daddy]

I will probably not post again till after Christmas.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed new year.
Laugh constantly, and fill your houses with as many smiles as possible.
I know our precious Savior will be with you all.

Tuesday, December 21


I am in a rut.

I won't be taking classes next semester, I completely ruined my blog yesterday (hence the ugly background), and after taking a 6 week class in photography I don't feel any better.

I guess that mean its time for change. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my first Christmas with my husband, having my brother home on leave, and soaking up as much laughter and joy this holiday season as ever.

I'll worry about the small stuff later.

Wednesday, December 15


My fingers are frozen, my nose is rosy red, 
and my toes are tingly but
oh how I love winter in Wisconsin.

Monday, December 6

Christmas is near.

Lights on the tree.
Pine needles all over my house.
Peppermint Coffee/and tea.
Manger scenes at every other door.
Presents wrapped.
Christmas Tunes.
Salvation Army ringing their bells.

Christmas must be near, I can see the cheer everywhere I look. :)
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