Saturday, May 25

baby boy

 I will never get these moments back.
 So through surgeries and exhaustion I will continue to hold on to these sweet moments with my boy.

I just love him so much.

Monday, May 20

Staying distracted.

 Even before I started having health problems and landed myself in the hospital all weekend I was working on this post. However with a great need to keep my mind distracted I decided to finish this post. I think that if I blog about a few goals I have for the summer it will help keep me accountable to then blog about them and prove I actually completed them.
Right now I am currently on a few pain meds and feeling a little crummy so if at the end of this post nothing makes sense, that is why.

Summer Goal list
Work on Projects:
I'm a sucker for fun DIY projects but the biggest procrastinator and also have no crafting ability. So even though I see things which I love and would love to do, I rarely ever complete a project. So, this brings me to goal #1 for my summer. Finish a project.
With the help of some friends and of course Pinterest here are a few things I would like to do.

 I would very much like to try some of these for my kitchen table. I just love bright and fun colors so I will probably pick a few of my own colors to match my kitchen, yellow of course being one of them and add a little excitement to the place.

Buy the wood plaques at Hobby Lobby for $1, paint and mod podge your photo onto them.. I am so in LOVE with this idea! I so want to do this!

 Next on the list are these really fun frames that I want to hang in our bedroom and or possible on a blank wall by our stairs. I haven't decided exactly on colors or placement yet but I am very excited to see what I can come up with. 

Two tees, cut in half and re-sewn. I love the idea of making two new tops out of two old ones!

 Next will be these extremely fun DIY colorblock tees. I am extra excited about this because one of my best friends has already completed this project and has promised to help me with it. Head over to 1508 Grace to see Bethany's post! She is fabulous at getting things done and being organized. So if I had to bet that any of these projects will get done it will be this one, because I know Bethany will help keep me accountable to do it.
Cook More, eat better

Even before my gall bladder landed me in the ER this weekend I had plans to become better this summer/fall about menu planning and cooking more for my family. I do love to cook, but again am just not very good at being organized and trying new things. recipes scare me, there is just so much that could go wrong and then you are stuck with eating something you hate. My wonderful hubby will eat anything..and never complains about a single thing I fix for him but who wants to waste money on food that won't taste good. I wanted to eat healthier anyways, so now my gall bladder ( or in a few hours the lack there of) will be good motivation to get my act together and take care of myself and my sweet family.

Of course I also have to work on my baking skills as well. I am not a fan of baking and that scares me even more than cooking does. So who do I use as my inspiration on this?
My sweet friend Beth. Let me tell you, this girl can bake. She has made me some of the most delicious desserts. One of my favorites? Her Maple Walnut Granola. Please do yourself a favor and head over to Beth's Blue Plate and look at all her yummy food.

Make Memories
This may seem like a silly goal or even like common sense but with Tanner now in our life Kevin and I want to be very intentional about making memories with him this summer. Even though he is small. 
Another one of my sweetest friends Emily, is always so good about being intentional with her life. She is very good about not wanting this life to pass her by without making the most of it.
At our last Bible study (which included all of the friends above) Emily and her husband introduced the idea of making a Family Mission Statement characterized around your family. They went on to explain that it could be anything you and your family decided but encouraged each couple to type it up and somehow hang it in your home so it is a constant reminder everyday.
Kevin and I have many ideas and have been trying to come up with something. We know that making memories will be included. We want Tanner and any future children to grow up knowing that we loved spending time with them. This is important to both of us. You should probably stop over at Emily's blog to see how cute her family is. I should warn you though, if you take one look at her precious daughter you will never be the same.

Hopefully you will be seeing blog posts throughout the summer/fall with completed goals and fun pictures to prove it.

Wednesday, May 15

1 Month

So I realize I'm a few days late but better that than never, right?1? 

Our tiny, squishy little baby is 1 month old. What? I can hardly believe it.

Weight:10. 2oz (As of Monday)
Height: 21"

  All in all, I think Tanner is doing really well. He is still getting up every 2 to 3 hours to eat but thankfully at night he goes right back to sleep after he nurses. Usually I am up with him 40 minutes max before setting him back in his crib. During the day is a different story, he has been spending more and more time being awake but still takes at least one short nap after each feeding. I was hoping he would start going longer between feedings at night but I guess he is a hungry boy!

Things we want to remember from month 1:

This boy smiles all day long. 
From the time I get him in the morning till the time I lay him down at night he gives us the biggest grins.
It is by far one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

He loves the fan.
 As in Kevin and I take turns standing underneath it just so he can tilt his head back and stare, and stare and stare..really people, he loves it.

He is completely outgrown all newborn clothes and is in size 1 diapers.
He is growing so fast.

His belly button is STILL not healed, this kid has seen the doctor more in his 1 month than I think I did through my whole pregnancy.
Thankfully the surgeon thinks it is almost healed and we are praying he won't need surgery! 

He is very hot blooded, if you swaddle him too tight or try to contain his arms he gets very angry.
Being in a onsie and a light blanket is his favorite. 

He had his first bottle on Mother's Day, it is nice to know that other people can feed him too.

His favorite way to be snuggled is right up on your chest.

He loves to look at everything.
 He is so alert and always wants to know what is going on.

Since we had to make the icky trip to Madison to visit the surgeon we decided to celebrate his 1 month birthday by picking up Aunt Ellen and going to the zoo. As you can see he wasn't impressed.

Tanner  has changed our life. 
Kevin and I can't imagine what we ever did without him and we both feel so honored to be his parents. 
This last month has been one of the hardest and exhausting of my entire life, but it has also been filled with more joy than I can write in words. 
Watching our families fall in love with him has been so fun, this little boy is blessed far more than he knows!