Friday, May 27

Fabulous Friday

Linking up today with Laura to talk about whats fabulous on this sunny Friday! Well for starters..look at this little girl and tell me whats NOT fabulous about her. Every time I am with children and behind the camera I remember what is important in life.
What a blessing God gave us in children..I had a fabulous photo shoot with this little beauty this morning.

I am tired, and my entire body is taken over my allergies
so now I'm going to use my fabulous bed and take a little nap.
I work all weekend but I hope you all have a Fabulous Holiday weekend making memories and cherishing the moment!

Wednesday, May 18

Wednesday full of Wisdom.- Here's to an attitude change.

Can anyone remember the last time I have blogged about what God is doing in my life. Not this girl. God is always near, but if I'm being honest..right now life feels bigger then anything I or my God can handle. Lately I've felt extra emotional, tired and extremely frustrated at the littlest of things.
BEFORE anyone jumps to conclusions, this girl has NO baby in my belly. :) So we can blame the hormones on simply being a female..this time. ;)
I have always known that my biggest problem in life is allowing the *little* things get the best of me. It's truly the craziest thing because when it comes to the *big* things, I give it up to God and rarely struggle with trusting Him. But sometimes I (always) forget that He really does care about the *little* things. I forget so easily that my God is SO much bigger then the million little things that seem to add up and eat away at my very being. He is stronger, wiser, and so much more powerful then any tiny stress that satan throws at me. Thats the most frustrating part, I KNOW that there are so many more important things that I can focus my attention to. But somehow I forget on a daily basis that this life is not my home, and whats important is what lies ahead. We have an amazing life waiting for us in Heaven and one day, all of the *little* things, will fade away and all that matters is our love for God and how we glorified Him. So, here's to a BIG attitude change, a new outlook and allowing God to work in my heart. I will not let the little things get in the way of my beautiful, wonderful life that Jesus has blessed me with.

Here's to a wonderful rest of the week with a brand new outlook! :)