Thursday, April 25

the one who made me a mother

this beautiful, squishy, almost always alert boy has captured a piece of my heart, God chose to give me this baby at this time.

Tanner has made me a mother.

You always hear other moms saying "watch out, it all goes so fast."

So when my sweet friend Kayla and I were planning his newborn shoot my only request was

 "I want to remember him just as he is"

 That way when he is a grown man but still my baby I will remember the perfect features of his face and the way I felt these first few weeks. 
I want to remember it all.

I know I will forget, I know he will continue to grow faster then I can keep up and soon these sweet memories of his tiny body and long nights will just be a memory. 

This is why I love photos. Because they capture the things that sometimes the mind forgets. Though I'm certain my heart will always hold on to these precious memories I know that these photos will be such a treasure when this tiny baby is no longer tiny.

 they will help me to never forget what it felt like to be a new momma. 

These photos will help me remember what it took to soothe him after changing his diaper nearly wrecked his universe

they will help me remember sitting in his room at all hours of the night watching him drift into sleep.

they will help me remember what it felt like to bond and fall completely in love with my little boy

I am so thankful I have these precious photos because even though they are just pictures, they are memories I will treasure forever. 

This baby has turned me into one big pile of mush.

Thursday, April 18

being a mama..

I knew things would be different once our sweet boy was born.
I knew I would be changed forever.
I knew that I loved him from the start.
But I had no idea how much joy I would feel the instant they placed him on my chest. 

Right now Tanner Vincent is currently snuggled up with his Daddy and this is the first time I've been on an actual computer since he was born. Even with him being such a good and easy baby this new adjustment is quite the whirlwind. Trying to find time to do anything but take care of him or try to catch a snooze is pretty hard. I'm so thankful for a husband who has been more of a servant to me and Tanner than I could ever express. I would not have survived this last week without Kevin. We have also had tons of help from our family and friends and I am so thankful to them as well. Basically, Tanner has no clue how loved he is and how blessed he is by the greatest support group ever. 

He was born Saturday, April 13th at 9:28 pm. He came into the world wide awake and alert. He loves to be awake and look around and its so fun to see how alert he is.
I really wanted to blog my whole birth story, and I have started to journal it so I don't forget but the more I look at my son the more I realize how he got here really doesn't matter to me. Though I didn't plan to be induced, I didn't plan to get an epidural, and I didn't plan to push for over 2 hours, the journey of that day brought me one of the greatest gifts of my life. The moment they laid that 8lb 2.7oz baby boy on my chest will be a moment I will never forget. Kevin and I were instantly amazed at how our world was turned upside down and being parents has been such a joy.
It's hard, and so exhausting but I've never been more happy to be tired. 

So for now we are just taking one day at a time, getting lots of advice and enjoying every little snuggle we get. I'm not sure I've ever been more amazed at the glory of our God and am so thankful to Him for this incredible blessing. I can't even believe that the little guy on my husbands lap was the one who was growing in my belly for over 41 weeks. 

Thank you for all the well wishes and support, we are so blessed by all of you!