Monday, November 18

Seven Months

As always, I'm amazed.
Tanner is 7 months old and I have no idea how that happened. 
I am late in writing this post, who has time to blog these days?!?!

Tanner weighs 15.8 pounds putting him right in the 8th percentile. He is our little peanut.
Height was 27inches putting him in the 60th.

 Things we want to remember from month 7.

 He continues to move around doing "The Worm" but he crawls a little more each day. I keep thinking that he will just start crawling but he always drops to his belly and flops around. I'm not in a big hurry but it sure is adorable watching him crawl.


Tanner started pulling himself up on everything he can and his favorite activity is standing. He prefers it above everything. We try to read him books, sit him up so he can play with toys but he would rater climb all over you or stand while hanging on to you.

He loves to be outside but its more work than fun for mommy because he pretty much shovels grass and anything else in sight into his mouth. 

Tanner is still getting up multiple times a night and naps are still a challenge some days  but we are continuing to be consistent in doing whatever we can as parents to help him. 
We are both pretty tired, but he makes it worth it.

Tanner makes us laugh. All day. He is full of personality and I have a feeling that will never change.
This month he has started with a little bit of stranger anxiety here and there but for the most part he will still smile at almost anyone and will let anyone hold him.
He does get scared of loud noises and is gets very scared when he even sees the vacuum but secretly I find it sort of adorable because he leans his head into my chest and cuddles me for a long time. 

Tanner eats 3 meals a day and loves to pick up food and feed himself. I'm not sure if any of it goes in his mouth or just on the floor but either way it keeps him entertained and happy which makes for a happy momma.

Tanner continues to change me every day and I am finding more and more that being a parent is no easy task. Bringing home a newborn now seems like a breeze compared to this energetic boy that I have to discipline and teach about life. Remembering what an honor it is to be his mother is what helps me through my days of exhaustion.
I also am amazed at how much fun we have every day.
We love to sit on the floor playing, reading books and singing songs.
My days may be exhausting but they are never boring.

We are so excited to enter the Holiday season and celebrate this year as a family of three.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.
I am so thankful for you.