Saturday, June 22

Update on Summer Goals

As I was stuck in the hospital recovering from my gall bladder surgery I wrote this post about some summer goals I wanted to complete.
Here is a little update! 

I have one more color to pick up and a frame to paint and then I will be hanging them on the wall and doing a full blog post to explain.
I have to say though, I am loving this project already. I took the idea I saw on pinterest of the fun colored frames and made it my own.
Can't wait to show you the finished look! 

Happy Summer.
Oh, and as far as the making memories goal... 

I'm doing my best to hold on to every moment.

Tuesday, June 18

2 months 5 days

 I was late posting his 1 month update so why not keep with tradition.

Here we go, its time for me to talk brag about my handsome little boy.
Tanner is 2 months old and life has continued to be an adventure since my surgery.
Last weekend my brother got married to the most beautiful girl in the world and Tanner gained an aunt. A very special girl who loves this little boy so much. It was pretty emotional watching my brother marry the girl of his dreams and I know I have never seen him so happy.
I'm so happy for Lucas and Elizet and I can't wait for all the memories we will make together, and for the memories you will make with T. 

 Tanner has continued to change every aspect of our lives and Kevin and I still can't believe we get to keep him. We laugh at ourselves because after K comes home from work the three of us just lay on the floor and make crazy noises and talk and sing horribly so we can watch him smile.

 He continues to be a happy, filled with joy little boy. He cries when he is hungry, tired, or has a dirty diaper and that is about it. He rarely fusses for no reason unless he's in his car seat. We were hoping the older he got the more he would like it but nope, Tanner loves almost all things but that seat. He cries at almost ever car ride which can make most simple trips to the store a little stressful.
We are working at it though and he is getting a little better.

Tanner loves his tongue and makes me belly laugh through out the day with that thing. He plays with it a lot and is always doing the craziest things. My favorite is in the middle of the night after he nurses and is falling back into a deep sleep, he sticks his tongue out and licks his lips, gives a big sigh and then snuggles into my chest. No matter how tired I am after he does that I have the hardest time setting him back in his crib. 


If he is not sleeping he is alert and always has to know whats going on. He loves to be perked up on your chest so he can see, see, see! He is definitely turning out to be a little social bug, which of course I have no idea where he gets that from.

Yesterday at his 2 month appointment he weighed 11lbs 15 oz and was 24inches long. Looks like he might be tall and skinny like his daddy..and half of the rest of his family members.

 My little man nurses about every 3 hours give or take a little and is such an easy going baby.
A friend picked up a play mat for him and that is his favorite thing to do. He loves to lay on his back and he will play under that with his favorite little toy who I named Gus, for usually 20 minutes or so.
Today, he has been throwing his hands around like crazy and grabbing Gus while he plays.

Watching Tanner learn new things every day is one of the coolest things about being a parent.

 He sleeps in 3-5 hour stretches and is such a good boy about going back to sleep after he eats. Last night he was up every 3 hours and was a little fussy but normally I can lay him back down in his crib and he will go to sleep.

This last picture has become one of my favorites and it will be on my wall soon.
I just can't say enough about being a mom and feel so blessed to have this little boy in my life.
And with that, its time to do my favorite daily activity of rocking my sweet boy before bed.