Tuesday, August 31

Take a Walk

 I love these boys. No doubt about it!

KJ and I promised them we would take them to a park. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with some of my favorite boys!

I have to admit, that last picture makes me so happy. He is such a good looking kid.

On another note, today is KJ and I's 1 month anniversary of being married and 1 year of being a couple. It has been a crazy year full of changes, deployment, and so much happiness. I wouldn't change any of it and I am so honored to be his wife. God works all things out and in His timing. I'm so thankful for it all.

Friday, August 27


I know I change the look of my blog at least once a week.. but I'm going crazy trying to find something that I actually fully like!

So hang in there with me! One of these days I'll have a more permanent look!

:) Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, August 25

Wednesdays Full of Wisdom : Reality.

What I will be staring at for the next 4 months.

I started class today.

Anyways, this week I've been trying to be grateful. Grateful when my husband makes the bed, grateful we have food on the table, grateful I have a car that runs (even if I HATE driving stick), grateful for my family (even during the hard times) and most importantly grateful for my God. I find that I rarely just stop and pray for the specific purpose of just thanking Him.

Have a great Wednesday everyone, and start thinking about what God is teaching you each and everyday!
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Wednesday, August 18

Wednesdays Full of Wisdom..finally!!

Finally, after weeks of putting these posts on hold I'm going to try and pick them up again! For awhile it might just have to be every other Wednesday as I start school next week and that adjustment can sometimes take awhile.

These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, but some I will never forget. KJ and I were humbled beyond belief at the amount of people who gathered together and loved on us during our wedding. The cards, phone calls, helping hands, and all the prayers were more than we could have ever imagined. We felt so honored and so thankful that God had sent so many people to encourage us and share in our wedding.

There is still an enemy, and though Satan tried sending many things to ruin this happy time for me, God always wins. And His love was way brighter than any destruction Satan tried to send. There has been many days that I have had to remind myself of that over, and over, and over...no Satan, you will never win. God has already won this battle and no matter what you do, my Lord is sovereign over all.

I don't have a lot to say this week, mostly because my guilt is getting in the way. I have dishes, and dirty floors, and I promised my husband I would continue to work on the bedroom.. ( my clothes are still laying all over)

I hope you all remember that yes, we do have an enemy but he never has control over our life and will never win. Our Lord loves us, and will protect us forever.

Friday, August 13


It's raining..which makes me want to write. Then again I look around the apartment and see 100 things I could be doing before my husband gets home. Like clean, or think of something for dinner..or organize.

I did a lot yesterday, which makes me feel good about taking some time to write now.

I miss my brother, and was thrilled when my mom called last night to tell me that we received his first letter from Basic. I starting writing him a letter right away and want to get it in the mail asap. I can't wait to hear from him again. I never thought I would miss him this much, but now that he's gone I think about him everyday, usually 4 to 5 times. I know he will do great, but its so hard knowing that I can't call him whenever I want. KJ misses him too, they formed a good friendship these last couple of months and I'm glad to see God worked in their lives and brought them together.

The countown is starting..I start school on the 25th and to say the least..I'm not very excited. I mean, I guess I somewhat look forward to getting a routine and learning new things but I feel so overwhelmed with everything right now so adding one more thing to the list seems a little nuts. I know it will be ok, but a lot of work. My semester will be crazy, and will take a lot of time.

Have I blogged yet that I love being married? Seeing my best friend everyday, cooking him meals (kinda), picking up his clothes, being able to talk to someone about everything and anything..oh and one of the best parts, I don't have to close the bathroom door when I pee. :) For real though, marriage is wonderful. I know we will hit hard times, but I almost look forward to them because I know they will only strengthen us. It's so amazing how God brings together two people and that covenant is made. I've truly never been happier, and it feels great.

Ok, I'm sure I could babble more on random things but I guess I should really go do something. I still have thank you cards to finish, clothes to put away, and I want to write Lucas another letter before I send it out.

Have a great weekend.... =)

Tuesday, August 10

Not just another reminder.. A Hope, A Promise, A Truth.

Here at your Feet, I lay my day down, not in my strength but in yours I found, all I need, your all I need.
There is no where else for me Lord, but at your feet.

I have posted on this many times, and I will do it again. This is not just a reminder, but a truth that will carry me through everyday of my life. My Lord, my God, He is enough.

In a dry and weary land, Lord..you are my rain.

He is enough. When flesh and blood disappoint us, He is my hope. He sees each tear that I shed and I know through every storm of my life, He is enough.

Friends come and go, but our God remains.  I can't control what others do, or how they treat me but what I can do is check my heart, allow God to search it and be in control of my thoughts and actions. I must remember that He is my song, my strength, and He can keep my heart in perfect peace.
My life is in His hands and if I can continue to keep my heart and eyes focused on that, then I know I can stay in the will of God. My feelings will pass, but my love for God will always stay. His promises and truth will never fail me, or never disappear.

I must rejoice, for He lives in me, and through Him I am saved. For worthy is the Lord, His peace will sustain me. I will lay this pain I am feeling now at His feet, He holds my pain, and only He can sort through what I am feeling.

Before I start feeling sorry for myself, which I won't do..I will end this blog by counting my blessings. For even in a storm, God is always blessing me. He is so good to His children.

1. My Husband, and this beautiful new life we have started together.
2. This amazing apartment God has provided us with
3. A family that would sacrifice anything and everything for me.
4. Jobs for both KJ and I
5. A brother who is sacrificing everything for his country-I am so proud of him.

Friday, August 6

Complete obsession.

I haven't used my cannon in a few days..and its driving me crazy. I want to take pictures, forever.

I see beautiful pictures that others capture and all I want to do is call as many friends as I know and say.. "Can I please come over and take pictures of your kids?" I want more practice. I know I can take such better pictures than I do right now if I simply, practice. Which means I need to get my camera out..but there is simply not enough time right now. Which is so frustrating.

I need some photo shoots, I need to make some time and just go and shoot.  Not because I want to become some amazing photographer (for I know that will never happen) but because I absolutely love to take pictures. It's as simple as that.

I also need to find a class on photography. That is a must.

Ok, I just needed to rant and rave a little bit..I feel better now.

Wednesday, August 4

I have found my Treasure...

Before I was born, I am certain He had this man in mind, just for me.

On July 31st, 2010 I married my best friend, and the most incredible man God has ever blessed me with. I still can't believe he chose me to be his wife and I simply can't wait to spend forever with him.

Before I get to far in describing my fairytale wedding let me give you all a little background. I met Kevin in 2005 after I went on a mission trip with Kevin's sister Ellen.  After Kevin waited patiently for me to grow up and finally "see the light" as he puts it we went on our first date in August of 2009. Kevin took me geochaching and I had such a great day. He was shy, but adorable. Always putting me first and being the perfect gentleman. We hiked almost all day and I remember blushing because as we got back to the car for a break he packed a water bottle and a small snack. It was so thoughtful and incredibly sweet. I hadn't met anyone who better thought of those around him. I didn't know it then, but I was very much hooked.
We continued our relationship through his deployment to Kuwait and on July 2nd, Kevin proposed.

My brother joined the Military a few weeks before KJ proposed and was suppose to leave for Basic on Aug. 3. This left Kevin in and I in a little bit of a dilemma.  Wait over 6 to 7 months to get married, or do it in 4 weeks. We prayed, talked, and thought carefully about our decision but decided that we didn't want to wait. We felt very strongly that the Lord was guiding us to marriage and so we decided that July 31st was the date.

I was terrified, excited, nervous and feeling so many emotions. We were both so excited, but had no clue how to pull off a wedding in 4 weeks.

I will just take this time to add that I have the most amazing Mom, family and friends in the world who pulled together to give Kevin and I all that we had ever dreamed of. My wedding was perfect, and it wasn't because of the flowers, or the food, or the decorations. Though all of those things were AMAZING. It was because God brought together a man and a woman who dedicated their lives to one another!

My sweet and beautiful friend Kayla captured beautiful pictures of my day. Please take a look for yourself and see what God has given me. I don't know everything there is to know about marriage, and maybe I never will. What I do know is that I married my best friend. God has joined together to people and we will treasure one another always. I pray that I can be the helpmate he has always wanted and that throughout this life together I will only grow to be a better wife each day. My heart is full and happy and I feel so blessed and honored to now be his wife.

I have dreamed of this day since I was a little girl, and even with all of that dreaming, I can't imagine God blessing me with a better day. As Kj and I drove away from what seemed like just a minute in time, we couldn't believe how incredibly happy we were. To be man and wife.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"
Matthew 6:21

Tuesday, August 3


It has been a crazy 4 weeks but some I wouldn't trade for anything. Some called us crazy, some called us brilliant but in the end it was exactly what I have always dreamed.

July 31st was like a fairy tale and KJ and I couldn't have asked for a better day.

I don't have the time to blog about our special day just yet but if you would like to read about it and see some great shots please head over to my friend Kayla's  page you can read all about it. She came for the day and captured some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. She is not only an amazing woman but her love for photography really showed. God has blessed her with an incredible gift and I couldn't imagine anyone else capturing my big day!