Tuesday, August 31

Take a Walk

 I love these boys. No doubt about it!

KJ and I promised them we would take them to a park. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with some of my favorite boys!

I have to admit, that last picture makes me so happy. He is such a good looking kid.

On another note, today is KJ and I's 1 month anniversary of being married and 1 year of being a couple. It has been a crazy year full of changes, deployment, and so much happiness. I wouldn't change any of it and I am so honored to be his wife. God works all things out and in His timing. I'm so thankful for it all.


Kayla Sue said...

and he made for such a handsome ringbearer! :) awesome photos girl!

Amie said...

I like that first shot--the youngest's face cracks me up! Are these boys your stepchildren or relatives?

Lacey said...

They are my cousins! :) Yes..the first picture completely shows off his personality! They are crazy!! :)

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