Tuesday, August 10

Not just another reminder.. A Hope, A Promise, A Truth.

Here at your Feet, I lay my day down, not in my strength but in yours I found, all I need, your all I need.
There is no where else for me Lord, but at your feet.

I have posted on this many times, and I will do it again. This is not just a reminder, but a truth that will carry me through everyday of my life. My Lord, my God, He is enough.

In a dry and weary land, Lord..you are my rain.

He is enough. When flesh and blood disappoint us, He is my hope. He sees each tear that I shed and I know through every storm of my life, He is enough.

Friends come and go, but our God remains.  I can't control what others do, or how they treat me but what I can do is check my heart, allow God to search it and be in control of my thoughts and actions. I must remember that He is my song, my strength, and He can keep my heart in perfect peace.
My life is in His hands and if I can continue to keep my heart and eyes focused on that, then I know I can stay in the will of God. My feelings will pass, but my love for God will always stay. His promises and truth will never fail me, or never disappear.

I must rejoice, for He lives in me, and through Him I am saved. For worthy is the Lord, His peace will sustain me. I will lay this pain I am feeling now at His feet, He holds my pain, and only He can sort through what I am feeling.

Before I start feeling sorry for myself, which I won't do..I will end this blog by counting my blessings. For even in a storm, God is always blessing me. He is so good to His children.

1. My Husband, and this beautiful new life we have started together.
2. This amazing apartment God has provided us with
3. A family that would sacrifice anything and everything for me.
4. Jobs for both KJ and I
5. A brother who is sacrificing everything for his country-I am so proud of him.

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