Friday, August 13


It's raining..which makes me want to write. Then again I look around the apartment and see 100 things I could be doing before my husband gets home. Like clean, or think of something for dinner..or organize.

I did a lot yesterday, which makes me feel good about taking some time to write now.

I miss my brother, and was thrilled when my mom called last night to tell me that we received his first letter from Basic. I starting writing him a letter right away and want to get it in the mail asap. I can't wait to hear from him again. I never thought I would miss him this much, but now that he's gone I think about him everyday, usually 4 to 5 times. I know he will do great, but its so hard knowing that I can't call him whenever I want. KJ misses him too, they formed a good friendship these last couple of months and I'm glad to see God worked in their lives and brought them together.

The countown is starting..I start school on the 25th and to say the least..I'm not very excited. I mean, I guess I somewhat look forward to getting a routine and learning new things but I feel so overwhelmed with everything right now so adding one more thing to the list seems a little nuts. I know it will be ok, but a lot of work. My semester will be crazy, and will take a lot of time.

Have I blogged yet that I love being married? Seeing my best friend everyday, cooking him meals (kinda), picking up his clothes, being able to talk to someone about everything and anything..oh and one of the best parts, I don't have to close the bathroom door when I pee. :) For real though, marriage is wonderful. I know we will hit hard times, but I almost look forward to them because I know they will only strengthen us. It's so amazing how God brings together two people and that covenant is made. I've truly never been happier, and it feels great.

Ok, I'm sure I could babble more on random things but I guess I should really go do something. I still have thank you cards to finish, clothes to put away, and I want to write Lucas another letter before I send it out.

Have a great weekend.... =)

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