Friday, August 6

Complete obsession.

I haven't used my cannon in a few days..and its driving me crazy. I want to take pictures, forever.

I see beautiful pictures that others capture and all I want to do is call as many friends as I know and say.. "Can I please come over and take pictures of your kids?" I want more practice. I know I can take such better pictures than I do right now if I simply, practice. Which means I need to get my camera out..but there is simply not enough time right now. Which is so frustrating.

I need some photo shoots, I need to make some time and just go and shoot.  Not because I want to become some amazing photographer (for I know that will never happen) but because I absolutely love to take pictures. It's as simple as that.

I also need to find a class on photography. That is a must.

Ok, I just needed to rant and rave a little bit..I feel better now.

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