Thursday, April 25

the one who made me a mother

this beautiful, squishy, almost always alert boy has captured a piece of my heart, God chose to give me this baby at this time.

Tanner has made me a mother.

You always hear other moms saying "watch out, it all goes so fast."

So when my sweet friend Kayla and I were planning his newborn shoot my only request was

 "I want to remember him just as he is"

 That way when he is a grown man but still my baby I will remember the perfect features of his face and the way I felt these first few weeks. 
I want to remember it all.

I know I will forget, I know he will continue to grow faster then I can keep up and soon these sweet memories of his tiny body and long nights will just be a memory. 

This is why I love photos. Because they capture the things that sometimes the mind forgets. Though I'm certain my heart will always hold on to these precious memories I know that these photos will be such a treasure when this tiny baby is no longer tiny.

 they will help me to never forget what it felt like to be a new momma. 

These photos will help me remember what it took to soothe him after changing his diaper nearly wrecked his universe

they will help me remember sitting in his room at all hours of the night watching him drift into sleep.

they will help me remember what it felt like to bond and fall completely in love with my little boy

I am so thankful I have these precious photos because even though they are just pictures, they are memories I will treasure forever. 

This baby has turned me into one big pile of mush.


BGH said...

Such adorable pictures and you are so right to want to capture those moments. It's sometimes gets fuzzy only a few months later and you want to remember those days!!

Bethany said...

I love this post, Lacey! These precious pictures and your writing will help you to remember. These sweet mommy moments are like nothing else. I wish sometimes that I could just stop time, or at least slow it down a bit during cuddling my little man!

Toni Marie said...

Your words and the beautiful pics capture my heart and bring the joy of my own young mother years to the font of my mind. Thanks for the lovely post!

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