Tuesday, September 4

10 weeks and counting...

Today marks 10 weeks, and we are praying everyday that we are getting one day closer to feeling better. Today was another rough one, but it was also my first day staying home. Last week was my last week at work and though it was very bittersweet, I was just so thankful to sit around when I felt the constant urge to run to the bathroom. Baby is growing, and I can't believe all that starts happening. He or she can now bend and kick his legs, he can swallow fluids and though I can feel it yet, baby is supposedly moving around like crazy.

Tomorrow is our first appointment and I am so excited. Hoping to hear the heartbeat and it will be so nice to chat with my doctor and ease some of my anxiety!

Overall not a lot to update.. still sick everyday, still so thankful for this little peanut and still growing in size everyday.
I sure do love this tiny little person.