Sunday, September 19

Take a Walk...with me.

Take a walk with me has kind of become a tradition.
About every month I try to take a walk, and think about all of you as I take hundreds of shots all around.
I pray, think, smile and soak up as much as I can as my finger constantly snaps away. I love every moment of it.
It's one of my most favorite things in life..simply walking.
Yesterday was a beautiful fall day with the perfect breeze, gorgeous sunlight, and amazing lighting for pictures.
I was in a great mood and couldn't think of anything else I would
rather do then take my Cannon for a walk.

It was also my friend Tricia's 21st birthday party so I threw one of her in there. We did a
masquerade themed party and she looked amazing.

I hope you all got a little time this weekend to enjoy really does go by so quickly and as I was walking and talking with God yesterday I realized how much of this week I've wasted by rushing around.
I probably missed so many precious moment that God blessed me with.
Yesterday He revealed some of His most amazing creation, and I'm so thankful my eyes were open to see it.

His love is so outstanding, I love being His child.


Amie said...

Whoa, sideways pics make me seasick lol

Lacey said...

I know, I didn't even realize that the pictures I decided to post on here happened be the three I took sideways..I have a bad habbit of that!