Monday, September 13


Today was a good day.

You see I had a date..not with my husband.
With my new best friend..I am head-over-heals- [in love] with this guy.
So much that yes, I [named] him.

We had a great time in the kitchen today..he helped me bake some absolutely delicious items.

 Banana Choc. and Butterscotch Chip Bread
Which I cut up and only left two pieces for KJ and I.
I'm freezing the rest so I don't gain 15 pounds in the next two days.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

I also made supper.

It was a great day in the kitchen.
Now all I have to do is wait for the hubby, kiss his handsome face, {do the dishes}, and snuggle the night away with my man.

It is a beautiful day. One that I hope to always remember. The perfect fall house smells of cinnamon, all the windows are open, and I'm running around the house with my hair up and my leggings on.
What could be better?

Now, for those of you that don't know me very well, this might seem like no [big] deal. BUT for those of you that do, you are probably wondering when the miracle happened. Can you believe it..I actually baked today.
I'm pretty proud of myself.

Since I'm on this amazing baking high I'm going to go clean my kitchen, and finish picking up the house before Kj walks in and almost faints because he notices that I actually..  baked.


Kayla Sue said...

Yummo :)

I am no baker. I am not even a cook. But, I do what I can. Thanks for inspiring me to get in the kitchen!! {Especially to try a pumpkin spice recipe... mmm...}

Amie said...

I have the same Kitchen Aid! Same color and everything! I'll have to start calling mine Barney ;)

I don't get to use him often. But I assume when Lilly is about 2 she can get into baking with me :)