Friday, March 8

Umm, 36 weeks??

I forgot my 36 week update this week. It was sort of another hard week physically and emotionally so I think it just slipped my mind. Not to mention I have been busy preparing a certain little boys room. 
baby A will be here before we know it and call me insane, but suddenly I'm wondering how it came so fast. Pregnancy has felt like the longest journey of my entire life and now I realize we only have 4 weeks left. 

I had my appointment on Wednesday and baby boy is doing great. My nurse and midwife could not believe how LOW his head was and she was pleased that my body seems to be doing exactly what it's suppose to do in preparing for labor. She said it really doesn't mean anything because you never know but the fact that his head is already so low is a great sign and she really doubts I will make it to my due date. I'm trying my hardest to keep that out of my mind though. These waiting days are some of the hardest as the thought of holding my sweet little boy gets closer and closer. Every night my dreams are filled with giving birth or bringing him home, and my thoughts during the day are often filled with trying to picture his face. So I am still telling myself that we could have 5 weeks left and most likely this will be an April baby!

Either way we are staying busy over here with putting together a nursery, hanging out with our friends, having baby showers, and trying to figure out what else needs to be done before he gets here. 

Currently he is being a show off again and practicing his wrestling moves. My stomach is completely lopsided and he has his limbs sticking out all over. I think my baby boy is getting pretty squished. 


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