Wednesday, March 13

37 weeks

Today is: March 13, 2013

How far along: 37 weeks...full term!

Total weight gain: 21 lbs.

Baby is the size of: A watermelon! 19-21" and 6-8 lbs. Of course we won't know exactly till he is born. My midwife said she thinks he is on the smaller side but she said that is hard to tell because she said there isn't any extra room in this belly, baby boy has taken up every inch of room!

What's going on with the babe: Baby boy is gaining about 1/2 an ounce a day, and is practicing his blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping.

What's going on with the mama: I guess you could say some "nesting" has kicked in, but nothing real serious. I am not a super organized person or always do the best job at keeping a clean house but with the thought of baby possibly coming any day I do find myself cleaning more often so we can come home to a somewhat clean house!

Baby is a: Boy!

Maternity clothing: Yeah, mostly. Some non-maternity, but very little. At this point I just try to find anything that fits.
Sleep: Some nights are okay, others are not so good! But I would say as good as can be expected at this point!
Movement:Baby is still pretty active..he sure doesn't have much room but he pushes and kicks as much as possible.
Cravings/Aversions: Most days its just food I dislike. I have to eat small meals because with all the pressure on my stomach it's hard to eat. I'm still craving my cereal, fruit and saltines. :)
- Sciatic nerve pain Not usually!
- Aches.  All day.
- Frequent potty breaks. :)
- Pelvic pressure. Oh. my. goodness.
- Heartburn. My worst enemy! 

We are getting close and while this countdown begins I'm doing my best to enjoy every minute I have with my little man. As much as I have disliked pregnancy, I absolutely love my baby and I think a part of me will miss having him this close to me. I'm so anxious to see his face and kiss his sweet cheeks but I know I will never get this time back again, so I'm going to try and treasure what I can!

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