Wednesday, September 23

Open your eyes...

I have been pretty lazy lately in writing and haven't been real inspired but tonight I went to Church, talk about being inspired. I am helping every Wed. night and can I just say that I'm absolutely loving it! I am working with a group of amazing and inspiring woman of God and we are teaching 4th-6th graders, tonight we talked about letting our light shine before men and wow, those brilliant kids had such great things to say. I took my team "TLT" or The Lord's Travelers and we were talking about ways we can let out light shine...One of the little boys in my group asked me why people hated Jesus so much, not a second later one girl piped in, "Because they deep down know it's the truth and they are living in sin" they began to talk among themselves and the wisdom just poured out of them. They spoke of their love for Jesus and how hard it is to get made fun of at school. I couldn't believe how special these beautiful children were and how much they loved God, not only did they love Him, but they want to let their light shine.
Being around these kids is such a blessing and it's easy to see why God loved little children so much, they love deep and very pure..sure they are still full of sin, and attitude and just plain crazy thinking but the way they look at life and their outlook on things is gorgeous.
My God loves me so much that He sends me children like this to show me new things, as I look around..I realized that if we never open our eyes we will never see the small blessings our God sends our way.
My challenge for you is to simply open your eyes, I can promise you God is blessing you and you probably even haven't seen it.

My prayers for this week:
-My eyes are always opened and my selfish flesh doesn't get in the way!
-My family
-My friends
-That I will continue to be used in God's kingdom

Father, give me ears to hear, a heart that trusts and a mind that rests on you.

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