Thursday, September 10

Laughter that lasts forever.

It's amazing how fast things seem to go. I was talking to my grandma the other day and we realized that 19 years ago my Mom was my age, living in the house with her Grandma going to school. So here I am, 19 years old, living in this house with my grandma. It's funny how things seem to work out sometimes but it made me think about my life and growing up. I have many memories coming to TX all throughout my childhood. We spent a few weeks each summer and every Christmas here and I have so many memories.
Putting on shows for everyone just to make them laugh..and of course get all of the attention.
Eating Popsicles all day long just to get some relief of the heat.
Playing in my grandparents driveway on bikes, my mom once made us a whole town with chalk.
Going to water parks, museums, and every other thing imaginable.
In my grandparents old house every year for Christmas this Santa would ride on a Fire Truck, drive around the neighborhood and throw candy. I loved that Santa and could hardly wait for him to get there!
I have so many memories of funny stories, games we played, the amazing food we cooked and then ate, movies, all of sitting in the living room opening up presents, making jokes that would have us all stumbling over in laughter. These are all things I keep very close to my heart and thank God for them often. So here I am, in a house that holds many memories, and yet I feel like it was just yesterday that I was that little girl.

I don't feel ready for life, and yet life doesn't wait for you to be ready, so we just have to jump in and let God lead the way. I'm not that little girl anymore, but I'm still making memories and I still have an amazing family. These are all the things that can and should make laughter last forever, if only we could start to laugh and it would never end. Then I realized, one day..when we are at the feet of Jesus, we can laugh and never stop. Oh what a glorious day that will be. :)

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