Friday, November 5

Good day.

Today was one of those days you love.

Lazy day at home, but with much accomplished.

Kj got a day off, which was much needed. In fact, it was an answered prayer. We have both been overwhelmed lately, and feeling a little down each night. It's been tough, but we have both been praying and today was just what we needed. God is so faithful, and I'm so thankful for the love He spills over His children.

The apartment is clean, and I was able to enjoy every minute with my husband. He makes me so happy. Can you believe it's been 3 months already? I feel like it was just yesterday he was headed to Kuwait and I was waiting anxiously by my computer for each and every email.

Now it's time to get ready for a fun-filled weekend with a 9 month old. My friend is dropping off her little girl so her and the hubby can get away for the weekend. He just returned from a 7 month deployment from Afghanistan and it will be so nice for them to spend some time together. Kj and I are also looking forward to having a baby all weekend. :)

I'm hoping to add some pictures soon, darn internet connection is SO slow. :)

Have a great weekend. Enjoy every moment.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy every minute of this time with your hubby before kids come along...but, never forget, even when you have kids to make times like this a priority.

And, be warned, that watching a little baby is bound to give you baby fever big time. ;)