Wednesday, November 17

Wednesdays Full of Wisdom..Thankful.

This entire month I have posted something on facebook that I am thankful for. What a great reminder it has been.

Each day I sit down and think of something to thank God for..I love it. Then I think about that thing or person all day and continue to pray about it.

Today was Learning.
As frustrating as school is most days, I truly am thankful that God has given me the ability to learn. And not only in school, but in everyday things, work and life. What would this world be like if we couldn't learn.

These past couple of months I have had to learn how to cook, plan meals, clean an apartment, take care of my husband, be a wife, the anatomy of the human body, how to do better at my job, fax orders to Doctors without sounding like an idiot, drive a stick shift, bake pumpkin break

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Venessa said...

It would be so sad if we couldnt learn! I would rather not think about that being a possibility!