Tuesday, November 30

We must always Cherish.

I had the strangest thing happen to me today.
So strange I thought it best to share.

I was standing at the bathroom sink about to wash up one of my residents for the day.
I went for the closet, grabbing a new bar of soap. 
Suddenly as I unwrapped the soon to be slippery soap the scent overwhelmed me and I
was stopped in my tracks.
What was it?
Why did that scent of that soap SMELL so familiar?
It took me minutes to finally figure it out.
Grandma Faye and Granddaddy.
That is what that strange smell coming from the bubbly sink reminded me of.
You see, for some odd reason I was suddenly a little girl standing in my great grandparents bathroom and 
that is the scent I remember.
Dial soap.
They must have used it because I could so vividly remember that smell so many years ago.
That lead me into a long train of memories with my two sweet great grandparents.
It mostly reminded me of Grandma Faye though.
Her smile, her touch, the way she laughed as her family entered the room, or the giggles that would spew out of her when her grandchildren did something funny.
I was very little, and my memories are faint and few, but they are there.
I remember her crippled body kneeling on the ground to play with L and I.
I remember how she use to let us go in the back room and play with the toys.
She had a smile that always made me happy.
It's funny how I was so little, but her memory is forever imprinted on my heart.

I loved her so much, and can remember that her death was one of the first "real" losses I had suffered or felt.
I still remember sitting at her funeral, not really understanding..but so deeply hurting.
I can still see the tears in the eyes of my family members as we said our goodbyes.

What a memory, and what a moment I had today standing in the bathroom at work.

I can't wait to see her again one day, and grasp on her hand as we always use to do.


Isabella Kiss said...

what a sweet memory. :)
and I know the feeling. I tend to relate a lot of memories to smells. Not sure why, but I do.

Amie said...

That is so sweet!

Construction paper is what always does it to me... the smell of it makes me think of elementary school.