Thursday, February 21

If somebody would have told me..

That I would throw up every day for 27 out of the 40 weeks
And then would continue to deal with on and off sickness after that..
that emotionally I would feel weak and drained
that my body would ache and most days I would feel so exhausted
that sleep would soon become more of a challenge then a peaceful time
that I would experience some of the weirdest pain I've ever had

if somebody would have told me that overall I would hate pregnancy..

I would have still gotten pregnant, and I would do it a hundred times over.

One day I won't remember those things, instead I will remember 
hearing your heartbeat for the first time, feeling that first movement at 4am, which would later turn out to be your favorite time to dance, I will remember those kicks becoming stronger and stronger, the first time your daddy felt those kicks, I will remember washing your clothes, putting together your dressers and planning out your sweet nursery. I will remember reading you books while you bounced around. I will remember seeing your handsome face on the ultrasound, remember finding out you were indeed a boy..
and I will remember that these weren't the weeks that were so hard on me, but instead.. my sweet baby boy I will remember that these hard days were the all the moments that I started to fall completely in love with you. 

6 more weeks, I can't wait to hold you so tight.
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