Tuesday, November 13

20 weeks...

Today is: November 13th 2012

How far along: 20 weeks...The half way mark.. :)

Total weight gain: Not completely sure as usual.. I think its about 8lbs.. 

Baby is the size of: A banana...about 10.5 oz. and 6.5" We will find out more details tomorrow at our appointment!

What's going on with the babe: Baby is producing meconium, and is swallowing more. Can't believe how big my little peanut is getting!

What's going on with the mama: The top of my uterus is in line with my belly button now and boy does it feel like it! 

Baby is a: Boy or Girl.. we have our first ultrasound tomorrow!!!!! Hoping we can find out!

Maternity clothing: Still half and half on almost everything. I can wear a few of my old jeans but most shirts are getting pretty short!

Sleep: Each night is different, usually if I wake up through out the night it just takes me a long time to fall asleep!

Movement: The movements had been still pretty small but as of this weekend and mostly yesterday, I can feel some large movements. Last night baby was keeping me awake because it honestly felt like he or she was jumping around. :) Daddy was able to feel the baby this week, as well as grandma..those were two VERY exciting moments! 

Cravings/Aversions: Most cravings this week were fruit, and as always.. salt.


- Heartburn.  Usually starts at night, and it can be fierce!

- Sciatic nerve pain.   Thankfully not much..
- Sleepiness. Took a nap yesterday, and some days I feel very tired!
- Achiness.  All day, I can't believe how achy I feel!
- Itching. Yes, but winter doesn't help that!
- Nausea. Is still HERE! Some days its very bad but thankfully I am still having good days. I keep saltines and zofran close. Also gingerale and 7-up have been so helpful!
Emotional-  I feel way more emotional than I did last week..some days are pretty bad!

Overall, I know I've complained a lot during this first 20 weeks and even though I still am not a huge fan of being pregnant, I know that I wouldn't trade this for anything. I am getting more and more anxious to meet this little baby and I know I have a LONG time to go but even though I pretty much hate being pregnant, I love this baby more than anyone could have told me I would. I just can't wait to bring him or her home.
Tomorrow is our first ultra sound and I am SO excited. I can't wait to see my sweet little childs face and watch him or her move around. Not to mention find out if baby is boy or girl! So even in the hard days, there is so much good. God has truly blessed me..and this miracle inside my belly is proof of that!

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