Tuesday, October 23

17 weeks!

Today is: October 23, 2012

How far along: 17 weeks

Total weight gain: Still am not sure.. I can't really remember my starting weight and seeing as I lost a good 8 pounds first..and now I am finally starting to gain its hard to really know!

Baby is the size of: An onion or a turnip...about 5.1" from head to bum, and 5.9 oz. Can't believe how fast he or she is growing!

What's going on with the babe: Babys cartilage is now turning to bone, and he's putting on fat. Sweat glands are starting to develop. Overall, baby is starting to get much stronger this week.

What's going on with the mama: Well.. pretty much the same...

Baby is a: Boy or Girl.. about 3 more weeks till we find out! This momma is getting very anxious!

Maternity clothing: I am wearing quite a bit of maternity but for the most part a lot still fits. Someone was sweet enough to give me a belly band this weekend so I am excited to try that out..my jeans fit, they just don't button..so that should help! Otherwise I just prefer most maternity clothing, its much more comfortable!

Sleep: Depends on the night.. last night I was up from 3:45 till almost 7 with just brief cat naps in between...but some nights I can sleep almost all night!

Movement: Not much this week which has been disappointing..I am trying not to be concerned, but as baby grows I just wish I could feel more.

Cravings/Aversions: Same old, same old. Still not a fan of chicken..the smell of leftovers still usually sends me to the bathroom and I enjoy anything with salt!  ;)

- Morning sickness/vomiting. Its still here. Each day varies though and I'm very thankful for that!
- Sensitivity to smell. There and seems to be getting worse!
 - Metallic taste. None at all!
- Lightheadedness. I've been noticing a lot of that this week!
 - Acne. The worst its ever been in my life.
 - Emotional. Of course.
- Frequent potty breaks. All day and night.
- Sciatic nerve pain.   Pretty much none, and when it does spike up I head straight to my chiropractor and its gone!

For some reason hitting 17 weeks has been exciting to me..my belly literally popped over night and I feel like I am so close to 20 weeks I can taste it. Overall, I am still not enjoying pregnancy. I am almost constantly uncomfortable and I never feel like myself but I am still just so excited and thankful for this baby. The end result will be very worth it..and that I am looking forward too! I went to a scrapbooking retreat this weekend with my mom and good friend and I will say it was terribly fun working on all things baby! I made some cute decor for the room, and finished a scrapbook that will be used for my pregnancy. So..that made me very excited..and times like those is what get me through the hard days.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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BGH said...

Love your baby bump!! It's so fun when there is something to show.

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