Thursday, October 14

Pure and Perfect

These last couple of days have been some I will remember forever. Maybe I'm being over emotional, maybe I'm just a big fat baby, but I truly don't care. Watching my brother graduate Basic training, walk around base as a trained American Soldier and being reunited after 10 weeks was an experience I will always hold dear. Words can't describe the pride of I feel for him, my family, and my Country. I am so honored to live in a Country where men and women give up their lives to protect my freedom. I am humbled by their sacrifices, and this weekend I was reminded just how blessed I am to live in the United States of America.

It's been very common knowledge that I love taking photos. In fact, its very rare that you see me without my camera in hand. I simply can't help it, anytime I don't have it I'm always scared I might miss something.

People have always asked me why I love taking pictures, which is so hard to answer...usually my answer involves, "Oh, its so fun" or something lame like that. I have never really been able to put into words. After going through my pictures of this reunion I can finally describe why I love photography. And let me tell you, it has nothing to do with fancy equiptment, perfect lighting, crisp photos, beautiful backgrounds, or how badly you want that "perfect" shot. All those things are great..(and things I still strive to have) but you see, it has to do with whats going on behind the lens. These are the moments my heart rejoices in. The moments we all strive to capture.

In these precious and perfect moments you remember what is important, what really matters. It's about what's happening within those moments that you cry and thank God for everything you have. Raw, pure, beautiful, life. Moments in time that only love and  pure selflessness create...this is what we long for, hope for, and strive to have. This is what you work towards and long to have. These moments are what make this life worth living for, worth fighting for, worth making.

Once and awhile just as my finger snaps that shot it happens, I capture life.

Thank you God for giving me those moments, 
but more importantly thank you for giving me
the people that make them great.


Jessica Schaumburg said...

That was beautiful, Lacey. I admire your passion and love for your family. It's wonderful to be able to capture beautiful moments God gives us with a camera and God blessed you with a gift to do that. I'm so happy your family was able to go see Lucas :) I'm sure it meant a lot to have you all there supporting him.

deb spitler said...

O Lacey, you have described it so well - both in words & in photos: this love for photography...the time being reunited with your brother ...and where your love for photography fits in the larger picture of your life. Wonderfully done, my friend.

Your "life-captures" of your family's reconnection with Lucas are so very compelling. You have taken powerful moments, caught them in your hand & suspended them in time indefinitely. Amazing work.

Great post.

Isabella Kiss said...

those are beautiful, beautiful pictures. very moving. :)

Beth said...

Congratulations to your brother. BCT is no easy feat and he (and you all) should be very proud!

beka said...

These captures are truly....beautiful...amazing. Wow.

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