Sunday, July 11

So much.

Crazy. Insane. Hectic. Wonderful. New. Fun. Fast. Change. Excitement. Nervous. Love.

I can't even begin to express everything that I have been feeling over this last week. I only have a minute but let me give you a little update!!

July 2 - ENGAGED! Friday, July 2nd 2010 KJ got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I with no doubt in my mind said YES! I feel like the most blessed girl alive, and can't wait to be his wife, forever.

July 4th-PICKED the Date, July 31st! Because my brother leaves for basic training in the first week of August we decided we were going to go ahead with this and get things rolling. 4 weeks, we had a total of 4 weeks to plan a wedding.

July 6th- Register at TARGET! Wow, how much fun was it to walk around with my fiance figuring out what we would need for our new life together? So MUCH fun!! We had a great time wandering around the kitchen aisle dreaming and gushing over the memories we would soon be making!

July 7th- Invites MAILED! Let me tell you ladies, this was an emotional moment in my life! I mean come on..I mailed out my wedding invitations!! Crazy! Not was the reality of what I was doing intense enough but then this 80 plus year old lady comes over asking me why I was sending out so many letters! I told her it was my wedding invites and she became like a 12 year old all over again. She grabbed my hand to admire my ring, asked about flowers, colors and my dress then proceeded to ask the date. As I told her it was in 4 weeks on the 31st she dropped my hand and as tears filled her eyes she stated.. " The 31st would have been mine and my husbands 70th wedding anniversary, he died almost a year ago". I of course started to cry as complete strangers went in for a warm embrace! We hugged for a few minutes on the sidewalk and I told her I was honored to share her special day! What a beautiful memory I made and one I will never forget!

July 8th-10th.. LIFEST! :) One of the greatest Christian Music Festivals ever.

July 11th- Yard work. I am exhausted. I got home this morning from camping at Lifest around 12pm and didn't waste anytime as my entire family and I began working in the yard in preparation for the big day. We trimmed branches, chipped them then spread mulch around every tree in my yard. I know it will all be worth it but today was a bit overwhelming! I can't believe I am getting married in 3 weeks.

Alright, that is a little update for now. This week will be even crazier as I get more wedding stuff finalized and then my entire family leaves for Florida on Thursday. I am so glad we all get to take this family vacation but I guess its not really coming at the most perfect time! :)

Good Night.

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Kelli said...

WOW Lacey!!!! You are busy!!! How exciting!!! I will be praying for you in these next few weeks girl...enjoy every second! What a beautiful story, about meeting that woman. Made me tear up too =)

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