Sunday, July 25

Six Days

I know its been a little while but I didn't have internet while we were in Florida! What a great trip!!! I've spent the last week in FL with my family and KJ came along too.  We went to Disney, soaked up the sun on the beach, saw some sites and celebrated my mom's 40th birthday. My entire family, grandparents and aunt joined in on the vacation. It was a fantastic time and trip before everything in my life changes. My brother leaves for Basic a week from tomorrow and I will be married on Saturday.  This trip allowed us to spend time as a family and make more memories that we will cherish forever!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots. 

I must say...My Cannon  and I reached a new level in our relationship as we took over 700 pictures together. =)
I'm pretty sure my love for photography is out of control and I never want to set my camera down. Everywhere I look I feel as though I'm only looking through the lens of my camera as my mind searches for anything and everything that would make a great picture! I'm afraid I won't be going back to little pocket cameras anymore, my Cannon Rebel and I are bonded for life. Just as it should be. =)

I really can't believe the wedding is so close. I"m so excited and words can't even express how much I'm enjoying this time. There are plenty more details to be hammered out but all in all things are pretty much coming together!
Spending this whole week with KJ was so special and made both of us that much more excited to be husband and wife. God is SO good, and His timing is always perfect.


deb spitler said...

Amazing photos Lacey! I LOVE every single one...what a great eye you have! I thought to myself - "she should take her own wedding pictures!" haha! Haven't visited your blog in forever, but glad I did & your Rebel should def stay bonded for life!

Kayla Sue said...

oh my gosh, I absolutely love the last three photos!! Especially the one with the walkway and trees, gorgeous!

So excited for you :)

Lacey said...

Thanks ladies...I'm still SO new at this photography thing but no matter what I LOVE it!!! :)

I love these pictures too..I took a lot that I love but those were some of my favorites!!!!!! Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

Deb..I'm SO glad you stopped by!!!!!

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