Sunday, June 27

The wait is over..and I'm exhausted.


I wait and wait for the school to be out and the day to come when I can walk barefoot and enjoy the sun. Well, summer is here and its SO overwhelming sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It's just that I've been so busy that I almost feel like summer is almost over.
I'm working a lot, spending time with my man, squeezing in my friends, and making time for my family. Add that with day to day activities and before you know my weekend is over and I don't even know where it went.

I don't want to complain, so I'll just stop here but let this post be a warning that you may not see a lot of posts throughout July. My summer only gets more intense so I can't promise there will be a post every day. Don't worry though, I'll still make time to sit down and relax..which just so happens includes my laptop!

Even though its been very crazy, its been a great summer. Met some new friends, spent time with my old ones, loved on some of the cutest babies around, and have I mentioned how much I love the guy in my life. :) Everyday with him only gets better and I'd say we've had a pretty darn good summer..

Well, I've worked all weekend and today was not a good day. In fact, it was just plain hard. I love my job..being a CNA has only blessed my life and stretched me beyond anything I could have imagined but today was just one of those days. Where I really didn't want to be someones caretaker. I wanted to go home and spend time with my boyfriend and family, I wanted to go to Church, soak up some rays and just relax..instead I spent my day washing up old people, passing out medications, and chasing an old man down the street who claimed I was going to kill him. Yes folks.. it was one of those days. :)

I'm off to mind is completely burnt out.

Good Night.


Kelli said...

Oh Lacey, you are such a sweet blessing to others, though! Your loving Heavenly Father is so pleased with the sacrifices you make daily!! Keep it up girl, love ya!!

Lacey said...

Thanks Kell!!! I'm more rested up and ready for another day of work!!! :)
Love ya too!