Sunday, June 20

The Reasons I love him...

1. He has never given up on me..even when I've felt like the entire world has.
2. He has raised me with Bibical foundations, and then shown me those with his actions.
3. His sense of Humor..he can make me laugh anytime, any day.
4. His security- without him I don't know where our family would be
5. His amazing listening ears..we all know I like to talk, and nobody has listened to my ramblings as good as this guy.

There are many more reasons I love this guy...but either way, I don't know where I would be without you Pappa Bear.

Happy Father's Day~


Kayla Sue said... sweet.

and such a beautiful picture! I love that you call him pappa bear :)

Lacey said...

I sure do love him.. :)

I've called him Pappa Bear for a long time, it'll probably never change!!!

(I'm kinda hoping my kids call him that too) heehee!!