Saturday, October 10

My hero...

Well, as most of you know.. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My blog will continue to stay PINK until October is over and I'm very excited about showing my support. This cause is near and dear to my heart because my very own Grandma is a Breast Cancer survivor. When we have more time and its not so late, I plan on sitting down with her so she can tell her story and I'll post it here in my blog. My grandma is more special to me than most people know and she is SUCH a inspiration to my life, not just because she has overcome Breast Cancer but because she lives such a godly and amazing life. I am blessed to be living with her these next couple months and to have her in my life. I am thankful God carried her through her Breast Cancer and I have the honor of having her as such a role model in my life. So Mama, this is for YOU! I love you so much! She is beautiful INSIDE and OUT!

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