Thursday, October 15

Change happens...and I thank God for it.

Change, its amazing how fast life can change. Friends get married, start to have babies, move away, come home, college, Texas, new friends, new life..change.

I always tell people how much I like change, fast pace and living a life that moves quickly. It keeps things interesting as well as exciting. I enjoy trying new things and learning the different things we can in life, but I also really struggle with not having a plan. This is something I have to deal with and it has been hard throughout my life.. I know God has a plan, but it has been a huge mild stone in my life when I feel like I don't have a plan. Jeremiah 29:11 has been my life verse for many years because I can constantly remind myself that even when life changes, and things are spinning all around me, My God remains. For He knows the plans He has for me...I must hide that verse in my heart so I can live by the truth that it gives. When I dwell on that verse and cling to the promise that it has I feel a overwhelming sense of peace and joy. My God has a plan for my life, and even when I don't know what will be next, He does. He has a hope and future for me, a divine purpose for the things to come. God has given me a great amount of peace knowing that He will always be there and His grace is sufficient to carry me through life's ups and downs.
I recently started volunteering at a Christian pregnancy here in town and as I was sitting there on Wednesday folding brochures I started to imagine what my life would be like if I somehow made a bad choice and gotten pregnant at a young age. I started to think about how lost some of these girls must feel, thinking they have no hope and no answers. I said a prayer to God thanking Him for the amazing life He has blessed me with and for giving me the peace and reassurance to know that even when life gets a little crazy, He has a plan. I never have to wonder what life may bring because I have a faithful and just God who has everything in control. This is something my flesh usually wins at because I am a strong worrier and my mom would testify that when I start to worry, I become a not so fun person to be around. I've been trying to really challenge myself into allowing God to give me peace and thank Him for such amazing promises. He will never leave us nor forsake us, His plan is above all others and His name is worthy to be praised.

I've been thinking of home lately and miss all of my wonderful Wisconsin folk. I really miss my mom. She has always been my best friend and I will sheepishly admit that I don't think your ever to old to need your mommy.

Quick little update:
Classes are going better, my grades are raising and even though I still don't like them I'm holding my own and accomplishing what needs to be done. Thank you Jesus!!!
Church is incredible, every Wednesday night I hang out with the kids and they blow me away with their knowledge of the Bible and love for God. They never cease to amaze me in how beautiful they see things. This past Wednesday one of my little girls said.." Miss Lacey, It's just tooo long." I said what's too long.. She said with a cute grin, "Wednesday to Sunday, I miss you during the week". :) What a beautiful encouragement that I can be a special part in her sweet life. I'm not doing much, but the fact that God can use me to be a light for Him in these kids life is a wonderful experience. They may think I'm there to teach them, but they are definitely teaching me.
My grandparents and I are making memories that I will carry with me forever and I will never be able to thank them enough for all that they are doing while I'm here. How did I get so blessed.

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