Sunday, September 15

Right in front of us.

I've always heard people say that God uses their children to teach them about, well about everything. The minute I found out I was pregnant it became evident that God would use this child to reveal Himself in big ways in my life.
It's impossible to have a child and NOT learn from them.
Well, for the first time God used Tanner in a very specific way to teach me something that I guess I've been dealing with and didn't even know it.
His faithfulness amazes me everyday. 

It was a normal morning, me trying to hold my eyelids open so I could see well enough to lay Tanner on the floor while I made my breakfast and prepared the coffee. I put the blanket down (which is pointless because he doesn't stay on it) got out all of his favorite toys in hopes he would be amused long enough for me to accomplish my tasks. 
Instantly I watched as my son slightly glance at his bright, new, baby toys and then proceeded to do his version of army crawling towards the computer and cords across the room.
He isn't very fast yet so he grunts and squeals while doing his very best to get to the one thing hes not allowed to touch in the room.
I sort of chuckled and placed him back in front of his toys.
 Again he instantly spun around and diligently moved towards the computer.
After having a small lesson in "no touch" I moved him back in front of his toys and showed him those were the toys he was allowed to play with.
Again he wanted nothing to do with his toys and started his mission towards the computer.
And in that moment as I watched him head towards the computer God so clearly showed me an ugly picture of myself.
How many times in life does He place beautiful blessings right in front of me and I barely glance at them while I head towards other "things" of this world. How often does He bless me simply because of his unconditional love and yet I ignore those only to run after the things He instructs me not to touch.
I picked up Tanner, asked forgiveness to God and thanked Him for reminding me that I have so many things in this world.
He has commanded me to be thankful. 
And not because of the many blessings I have but because He died on the cross and through Him I have victory.
I have a feeling this will not be the last time God will use Tanner to reveal sin and even when those moments are uncomfortable, I am so thankful He is faithful to teach me every day.


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Bethany said...

Beautiful. And so true! I love when He shows Himself so clearly in our days. There is so much paralleled between parenting our boys and God our Father, isn't there? :)