Thursday, August 16

Oh happy day.

How can I even grasp the fact that the Lord and Creator is the one who spoke this baby into motion?
As I struggle with constant all day vomiting and nausea I easily forget that there is a miracle growing inside of me. As I called the OB doctor today and sounded like a complete first time hot mess mom, she sweetly reminded me that this too will pass, she told me it is overwhelming and scary, but I will get throw it. She did however recommend that I get a prescription to ease my sickness and I am praying that it gives me some relief.
Either way, with my pure exhaustion and fear of whats happening to my body I can forget so easily that something beautiful is going on. God is making a life, He is forming this tiny little person inside of me..and the most amazing part is, He doesn't even need me to do it.
I've been trying so desperately to remain thankful, but between the hormones and me hanging my head over the toilet every five minutes it has been so difficult.
So today I am just going to remember the pure joy that this baby is and will bring us.

I mean oh my goodness..right now my baby has eyelids, he or she has sweet little hands that are starting to form and even as I deal with all this physical and emotional sweet baby has doubled in size from last week and is now the size of a blueberry. :) So here's to all you moms out there that have gone through  the very same are all hero's in my book.

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