Friday, April 15

Fabulous Friday!

I'm linking up again with Laura over at Between the Lines to talk about my fabulous week!
it's been a tough week as I had my wisdom teeth all removed last Wed and since then have had dry sockets and loads of pain. BUT. Today will be fabulous because I'm hoping that my trip to the dentist will be my last. 

last night Kj and I decided to go the movies. If any of you haven't seen or heard about Bethany Hamilton, please do yourself a huge favor and read her story. She is an amazing 19 year old pro Surfer who lost her arm to a shark at age 13. As I sat in tears for most of the movie I couldn't help but be moved by her courage. As I listen to her speak now, I can't help but be moved by her love for Christ. She trusted Him in every step of her journey and now is such a light for Him. You can listen to her story here,
In one of her Youtube clips she quoted the Bible verse that gives her strength every day.
2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

She said that everyone always asks her why shes not scared of sharks, or how she ever got back in the ocean and she said
" Because my God has given me the spirit of Power, love and of a sound mind, I have nothing to Fear".
She definitely inspires me. To embrace life without fear, without reservations and to fully live like God has called us. I was completely challenged by this girl, not because she was attacked by a shark, but because of how she lives.
She has never given up, and I know God looks down and smiles on her every single day.

It gives me hope knowing that through Christ we can conquer all of our fears, whether small or something big, He is bigger than it all. When we take our eyes off of Him, we forget that we don't have the spirit of Fear.

That my friends, makes this Friday pretty Fabulous!


Laura said...

Great FF post! Thanks for linking up.

I had 5 wisdom teeth removed back in 2006. Ouchhhh...

Meg said...

Ouch for the wisdom teeth--that just sounds terrible!

I might need to see that movie, sounds inspiring.

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