Saturday, January 1

I AM.....

.....seriously blessed to be entering 2011 healthy and happy.
......sitting in my parents living room watching the Badgers in the Rose Bowl.
.....sad that today is my brothers last day home.
.....stuffing my face full of tacos.
.....reflecting on the last year.
....happy to be married to my best friend for 5 months.
....looking forward to what 2011 might bring

I wanted to get together pictures, and tell you about my year..but as life has it.
I'm just too busy.
For a short recap though, a lot has happened in 2010.

Moved home from Texas.
KJ came home from Kuwait.
Lucas joined the National Guard.
Had a family vacation in Florida.
I got engaged.
Then married 4 week later.
Lucas left for Basic.
I moved out of my house and into my first apartment with my HUSBAND.

There has been so many other little [big] things that have gone on through out the year but I would be blogging for hours, and as you read before, I'm too busy for that.
Kevin and I had a great time last night with some friends as we rang in the New Year.
I'm looking forward to what God will bring into our life in 2011 and can't believe how fast seems to be moving.
Things are good here, and I'm so thankful for my life.

Happy New Year!

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