Tuesday, December 17

Eight Months

I am such a procrastinator.
Its a terrible habit, one that I will probably never change.

What has happened during month 8:

Tanner now CRAWLS! 
Finally after 2 months of belly crawling and getting up on all fours the little man took off one day. And he hasn't slowed down since. He now pulls himself up on all furniture, walks across the couches and this week we introduced him to his walker and it is his favorite thing. 

 This is my everyday view. 
Tanner chases me around the house and the second I stand still he is standing giving me those big eyes of his wanting me to pick him up.
Could you say no to that? I have a pretty hard time.

Tanner learns new things everyday and once again its been such a joy to watch and experience life with him.
He has started giving open mouthed kisses now but only when he wants too, babbling and talking all day, eating lots of new foods, and is understanding the word "no".
Tanner now plays Peek a boo and when you chase him he will screech and crawl towards the couch or hide his face in the carpet.
He makes Kevin and I laugh constantly with his completely goofy personality.
He is finally a two nap schedule and that has made life much easier for mom.
No matter what we do he still refuses to sleep through the night but I am confident one day it will end. Right? :) 

December has been such a crazy month filled with new changes around every corner. This little man helps keep me grounded. Being his momma is an everyday reminder of a much higher calling and it is an honor being the one who gets to do it.

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