Tuesday, November 1

My Favorite.

November is my favorite month. Mostly because its the last  month before the weather starts turning the frigid cold but also because Thanksgiving lies within it and that my friends, is my favorite Holiday. I love the meaning behind it, the food, the family gatherings but mostly, I love that everyone takes the time to truly be thankful for what they have. I wish it wasn't only during this time that I would remember all of my blessings but I love the fact that during this month, and this holiday we can all be thankful for all that we have. 

Its so easy for me to get caught up in all the bad in my life, but I wish I had the courage to focus on all the good instead. My life is filled with so much good, but somehow I usually find the time to complain or whine about something that isn't even important.
So here we go..the month of November..a time to be thankful, a time to be thoughtful, and a time to remember all that God has blessed me with.

Tonight, I am thankful for a warm apartment, and the coziness that it brings me. Even though Kevin and I dream of a house someday, this tiny little apartment is our home. In fact, its our first home, filled with memories that we will remember forever. So it may be small, it may not have my dream kitchen in it and at some point we will probably outgrow it..but for now I will be thankful that we have it. A roof over our heads and a home we can fill with love.

So hello November, I am so thankful you're here.

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