Wednesday, June 1

Mean what you say.

Today I accomplished a goal, it may seem small to some, but I accomplished something I said I would do.
Today I ran my fastest mile and I did it knowing I could finish. I didn't watch the distance on the treadmill, I didn't tell myself I was tired, I just ran.
It's hard in todays world to keep our commitments and mean what we say but its something that was always taught in my home growing up. I still fail a lot, but I'm working on only saying what I know I can follow through with. I've been saying for awhile that I want to run 3 miles by the end of summer, and today..for the first time I knew that I could do it. So for me, this mile wasn't so much about the exercise, but more about finishing something that I have started. I can't wait to blog when I have completed the 3 miles.

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