Thursday, April 22


4 weeks, 4 speeches, 1 presentation, 2 papers, 7 tests, 1 final, and countless hours staring at my computer in a haze before I can finish my second year of college.

Summer has never sounded so amazing.

I look forward to many more sunny days with him.

More photo shoots and laughter with one of my favorite little ladies...

And Praising God for his beautiful Creation...

For with You is the fountain of Life; in Your Light we see Light.
Psalm 36:9


Kayla Sue said...

I see you figured out a bunch of stuff with the blog! :) It's looking good!!

I can only imagine how excited you are for summer...not having school or job takes away from anticipating summer a bit, but I still am excited for it! Bonfires, beach trips, bike rides, warm is the best!!

Lacey said...

Thanks..I still feel like this blog is a big mess but I'm trying! ;)

The anticipation of summer seems better than ever before, not really sure why but I truly can't wait! :)

My Army Brats and Me said...

sweet blog:)

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